Finding Balance

Hi again.
Life is hard and projects get away from me. But here I am again!

I’ve been working with Reading is FUNdamental Pittsburgh for almost two years (in August) and I am beginning to feel an itch. The desk-life, 9-5, administrative grind is really starting to crush my spirit, and I’m having a hard time finding the light at the end of the tunnel… SO, I have started to try and illustrate [more].
I’ve been trying to pick up my ipad and do a quick drawing about once a week, casually attempting to use my discontent to build up a little portfolio. Taking moments on my lunch break or in the mornings before work to jot down ideas for drawings. I’ve been trying to pack my ipad (or at least a sketch book) with me wherever I go, so that when inspiration strikes I’m not left wishing.

The result is slow relief from the drain of non-profit direction. While at the moment I don’t have a real product in mind, there’s something really peaceful about creating just to create. Not marketing or meeting a deadline, just practice and fun.

My goal is to finish up the 2019-20 school year in my current position, and then to take the summer off to try and set myself up to work for myself (as much as I can). I’m hoping to do some freelance illustration work, pick up the pace on Stitch Party, and make time for my own creative practice… including sewing, knitting, painting, embroidery, and rug tufting. (I plan on posting about this later, but I am obsessed)

But as I dream about leaving this current work life to find my own (much poorer) rhythm, I am using my creative energy that remains untapped by my current employer to fuel my daydreams and doodles, and I am sharing them on my instagram.

Here’s my most recent one. I’m obsessed.

That’s all. I hope you are all having great Tuesdays, and that you are finding ways to channel your untapped potential into something meaningful. 💕

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