National Poetry Month at the MCL

I’m not much of a poet, but I love getting the chance to work with other creative ladies, and April was all about poetry… and with local poet, it’s also about pizza.

This was the second year of Steph’s annual project, Pizza Poems PGH. Last year she worked with her students at Brashear High School to write poetry and make illustrations inspired by pizza. A few weeks ago we set aside an afternoon to make pizza stamps, write poetry about pizza, and of course, eat pizza. It took a little coercing to get the kids interested in poetry, but the results were really awesome. I had the kids make the stamps with craft foam hot glued to pieces of cardboard and foam core… Pizza was the perfect inspiration to get them thinking about printmaking in layers. Sauce, cheese, crust, toppings… easy ways to think about building up layers of color, and flavor!

Last week was the event, we partnered with a local food truck, Driftwood Oven. Their pizza is seriously my weakness. We set up a table next to the food tent and as people enjoyed their pies and beer, Steph and I encouraged them to make some printed pizza patches and contribute to a collaborative poem. It was a pretty great evening. 

The following day just happened to be Poem in Your Pocket Day, a national initiative where everyone is encouraged to keep a poem in their pocket to read or distribute. Another fab collaboration came about as a result of Steph’s shower realization from the week before. “What if we made poetry fortune tellers!” So, that’s exactly what we did! Steph picked the poets and poems to be featured in the cootie catcher, and I designed the actual artifact. I made about 100 copies and spent a chunk of time folding them… my 5th grade self was giddy at the thought of folding fortune tellers at work. Available at the front desk of the library and the neighboring tea shop, our funky take on Poem in Your Pocket went home with a bunch of excited poetry-lovers.

The PDF is available here for anyone who wants to print one and make it themselves!

Building the Community Mosaic

One of the projects I’m currently working on is a mosaic to for the roof of the Millvale Community Center. There was recently a solar panel installation up there, adding another building to the list of solar powered businesses in town. Teens from the library got to learn about solar energy and help in the installation, and I’m working on a piece of community art that will sit up there with the panels, drawing attention to how amazing solar energy is!

Today was the Millvale Environment and Health Fair at the Community Center. There were tables set up offering everything from a blood pressure test to free toothbrushes and water bottles. It was a really great to see the community supporting each other in such small ways. I had the mosaic, still in it’s early stages, set up at a table inviting people to come and work on it with me for a few moments. I had my trusty sidekick, Izzy, and a few other kids from the library stopped by to help.

I love the opportunities for collaboration created in community art work. It’s so exciting to see all different types of people, kids and adults alike, working toward a common goal, even if it just requires stopping for a few seconds to place a few glass pieces. The mosaic is drying tonight, letting kids loose with a caulk gun means that there’s some serious goopage… but I can’t wait to continue working on it next week and seeing how it changes from here!


Teaching Artist/Maker Educator

Hi, I’m Nora!
It’s nice to virtually *meet* all you!

For my first post I would like to introduce myself and give you some kind of idea of what this whole blog is going to be about!

Right now at this very moment, I am sitting in my apartment kitchen in Millvale, PA. Millvale is a small Appalachian-esque town across the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh. My apartment is above a tea shop and next to the library where I work. The Millvale Community Library is an amazing haven of books, art, and collaboration. I was lucky enough to find it three years ago when I started working as a Maker Educator, running summer programming for the kids in town. Now, about to enter my fourth summer at the MCL, Millvale is my place of work, my place of residence, and naturally the place where I spend all of my time. All of it.

I created this blog as a way to share the work I do as Maker Program Director at the MCL, as an artist living and working in Pittsburgh (Millvale), and the point where those two intersect. I consider working with kids to be an artform of it’s own, and over the past couple of years I have collaborated with many
little monsters to create a really exciting body of work.

Ms. Nora Makes will serve as the platform for documenting basically every creative thing that I do, whether it’s a project/initiative at the library, a new skill I’m fine tuning myself, or an activity I completed/plan to complete with the kids. My hope is that someone other than myself (maybe you!) will find value in my ramblings and use it as inspiration for more creativity. Let’s spread the love, eh?

Here’s to yet another social media outlet, and another item on my list of things to remember. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป๐ŸŒป